5 mins read

Green Tea: Snog. Marry. Avoid?

Should you drink so much green tea you get pash rash, is it a beverage to take home to meet the parents, or is it an over-hyped slap addict of…..

2 mins read

Beware of Mrs Peacock and eating rats

How a bird-like woman on a train is connected to Mrs Peacock, Jane Badler, Diana the Visitor, Diana Marshall, and eating rats. The woman in front of me on the…..

4 mins read

I was a six-month diabetic

I’ve never been into “health food”. And by that I mean anything green, leafy or good for you. I grew up in snowy Buffalo, NY, and although my mother did…..

7 mins read

Making Shia LaBeouf cry for being a Scrappy Doo

Shia LaBeouf isn’t exactly renowned for his acting range – he essentially plays the same confident, yet over eager, geeky type in every role he takes on. However his latest shenanigans…..